Computer History

I have always been interested in computers. I am not sure why; I suppose I just wanted to become a computer nerd so I worked hard and achieved my goal.

1994: Discovered Internet

1995: Played Mist (and Failed Miserably)

1996: Became proficient at typing

1998: Played Descent II

1999: Got personal computer

2000: Played Half-Life

2001: Opened Computer for the first time

Installed first RAM stick

Installed first Video Card

2002: Learned HTML

Made my first website

Built first custom computer

2003: Some friends and I formed a somewhat successful GetPaidTo website

Began programing in Java

Started learning PHP

2004: Managed AV club website using PHP-Nuke

2005: Learned MYSQL and created school newspaper site

Worked in AV department

Took community college C++ course

2006: Learned basic OOP and designed an online RPG

Took Java course at Cornell during first semester.

2007: Took level 2 Java course at Cornell

Worked on online turn based strategy game, “Trustfund”, but never finished

Started my official Life on the Hill blog

2008: Taking functional programing course at Cornell

Launched Ally the Webcomic 

Here is a current list of my skillz:

Fields I am good at:

  • Website management, HTML, etc.
  • Hosting LAN parties.
  • Internet researching, surfing.

Fields I am okay at:

  • Programing (PHP, Java, some MATLAB, some C++, some SML)
  • Photoshoping
  • Hardware
  • File-Sharing

Fields I am terrible at:

  • Networking
  • Email
  • Fixing others computer problems

One Response to Computer History

  1. blind says:

    joe what about starcraft? and the lengendary lan parties in your basement?

    hah your okay and terrible skills are my okay and good skills

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