I am a lazy Nerd

March 3, 2008

Close up of 9thYes I know, I haven’t posted on the Crazy Cornellian in a long time and I missed two updates on my webcomic last week. Lazy is me. But do not despair, I think I am back on track. And by the way, the comic today is quite nerdy and would require knowledge of Big O Notation and Graham’s number. So in compensation to you, the reader, here is a nice close up of 9th. Stare into its evil-doing eyes of doom!


Need I explain?

February 1, 2008

AllyIt seems like a lot of people don’t understand the first comic in Ally the WebComic. Fine, I’ll explain it for you. Although it seems like nonsense to say that your favorite noise is blue, it makes perfect sense to Ally because different types of noise are classified by color. I could explain some other things in the comics, but I leave it up to the reader to figure it out.

Also I’ve noticed that some people miss the navigation menu I have. I should make some nice graphics for those some day. I’m now using FeedBurner so that I can have some fun stats to play with. There is also an email subscription that I’ve put up on the site thanks to FeedBurner. Anyway thanks to those who are reading my strange creation.

Introducing Ally the WebComic

January 29, 2008

AllyMy winter break was very long and I eventually went crazy and started talking to my lego friends. They told me that making a webcomic starring them would be a great idea since I can’t draw but I can use Photoshop. So I did some fun PHP programing, taught myself how to make a RSS feed (easy), took pictures of my lego friends, did some brainstorming, and spent a lot of time Photoshoping. And thus Ally the WebComic was born!

And So It Begins

August 27, 2007

 My new blog is up and I’ve already made a couple of posts.  You can find it on the Life on the Hill page.  Also, you now know what I look like and what my name is lucky you!

And in other news, I started playing guitar hero and no, I am not obsessed with it!  …Okay, well maybe a little.

On Hiatus

July 16, 2007

Clock TowerJust a quick blerb: I got into the Cornell Student Blogging Project! This means that this blog will be neglected and will degrade, but I will still have random fun stuff that I will post every now and then. I knew I got in for a while now but today the new blog went up and have been fooling around with images, themes, ect. I will release the link once it launches in about late August or so. (If you are really tricky you could guess what my URL is, it isn’t surprising hah).

In other news, I made a cool lego creation during my break. I also put up little video of it on Google Video. It was my first time uploading a video for public viewing and it was rather easy but I was disappointed by the poor video quality. I will post something more about it later.

Looking Back

May 17, 2007

Outside Goldwin Smith The second semester is now over and it has almost been a year since I came to Cornell University last summer. A lot has happened, so I felt like sharing some random thoughts I have about my experiences so far. Afterwards, I was surprised how much I could write about Cornell; I could have written a long post on every one of my random thoughts. Read on if you dare, I warn you it is very long.

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New Flickr Pro Account

April 1, 2007

McGraw TowerI got a nice digital camera in the fall and since then I have taken many pictures, mostly around Cornell.  There is almost always something strange going on around campus so I thought it prudent to start carrying around my camera everywhere.  At first I was often reluctant to take pictures as it would make people look at me and think, “Who is that weirdo taking bizarre pictures?”  and sometimes people will wait for me to take a picture as if my picture taking is of extreme importance.  But now I do not mind as much since many of my pictures were well worth the awkwardness endured.  

I got a free flickr account to as to share my photos with the world, but a free flickr account will allow you to put up only so many pictures, so recently I sprung for the $25 to get a flickr pro account.   I now have almost all of my photos up (the decent ones at least).  There are also some pictures of my Lego creations up there.  Please check out my pictures; I think some of them are actually quite good for an armature like myself.  Oh, and if you also have a flickr account feel free to add me to your contacts.  Tons of IceFire!You can find my flickr photos here.