I am a lazy Nerd

March 3, 2008

Close up of 9thYes I know, I haven’t posted on the Crazy Cornellian in a long time and I missed two updates on my webcomic last week. Lazy is me. But do not despair, I think I am back on track. And by the way, the comic today is quite nerdy and would require knowledge of Big O Notation and Graham’s number. So in compensation to you, the reader, here is a nice close up of 9th. Stare into its evil-doing eyes of doom!


Need I explain?

February 1, 2008

AllyIt seems like a lot of people don’t understand the first comic in Ally the WebComic. Fine, I’ll explain it for you. Although it seems like nonsense to say that your favorite noise is blue, it makes perfect sense to Ally because different types of noise are classified by color. I could explain some other things in the comics, but I leave it up to the reader to figure it out.

Also I’ve noticed that some people miss the navigation menu I have. I should make some nice graphics for those some day. I’m now using FeedBurner so that I can have some fun stats to play with. There is also an email subscription that I’ve put up on the site thanks to FeedBurner. Anyway thanks to those who are reading my strange creation.

Introducing Ally the WebComic

January 29, 2008

AllyMy winter break was very long and I eventually went crazy and started talking to my lego friends. They told me that making a webcomic starring them would be a great idea since I can’t draw but I can use Photoshop. So I did some fun PHP programing, taught myself how to make a RSS feed (easy), took pictures of my lego friends, did some brainstorming, and spent a lot of time Photoshoping. And thus Ally the WebComic was born!

New Lego Tower

January 19, 2007

My Lego TowerYesterday, while I was brooding over how my break is almost over, I realized that I neglected to play with my legos. Luckily I avoided disaster and managed to get some quality time in with them. Here are some facts about the new lego tower I built:

  • 11 feet tall, freestanding
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • 8 hours to build

Since it is so tall, I now have to write a lot about it to fill up all the extra space the picture created on this page. I’ve made many lego towers many times before; they are my favorite type of structure to build. It is very fun to to see how high I can build, constantly redesigning and trying new ideas to get a little higher. For this tower I tried to keep the design as simple and strong as possible. This is a cross section of it:

Cross Section

Above and below this layer would be identical layers, but rotated 90°. Doing this creates very solid connections between layers. This pattern of alternating identical layers continues for the entire length of the tower. Uniformity is important since the tower is only as strong as its weakest part. To make construction and assembly easier I split the tower up into sections, each section being a different width.

Lego Tower taken apart

I enjoyed working on it especially since I could sit on my couch, drink soda, and watch anime at the same time. Through my intense research and experimentation I have discovered that:

Total Awesomeness = Legos + Anime + Soda

This is definitely true, I double and triple checked my calculations. Looks like I still have some more blank space. I will just fill it up with nonsense so that is cool, yes very. And then this crazy thing happened and it was terrible, I hope everything is okay I really do. Things happen, yes oh yes they do and that is alright and all but it bores me horribly. Then I went to the store and bought some crackers, but it was so ridiculous and made me angry. Oh so ANGRY!

Is that enough? Okay, good.

I love my Alligator

September 22, 2006

Alligator DesignOh how I love my Alligator. I bring him everywhere with me and he is always there when I need him. My Alligator is made up of three separate Lego pieces. The top mouth is serial #6027, the body is #6026, and the tail is #6028. It is such a beautiful shade of green, and the mixture of functionality and aesthetics is amazing. Actually there are two of them, but I usually separate them. When they are together, they won’t stop talking to each other and they simple ignore me. It really does offend me so I locked one up inside my computer and now the other is very friendly with me.

Favorite Alligator Quote: “Is it a stuffed alligator? Only when he overeats. He is greedy.” ~ R.A.H

Alligator at Lunch Alligator Satisfied

I love Legos

September 11, 2006

070x070_logo.gifI love Legos. I just do. Working with Legos, I can be both an engineer and an artist. Some of my projects have included, Lego Crossbow, Lego Boat, Lego Tower, Lego Archbridge, and Lego Computer. Although my Lego Computer seems to impress a lot of people, I like my Archbridge the best. I made it entirely out of 2X1 and 3X1 bricks, and I love the simplicity of design that I used.

Lego Computer

Playing with Legos is a very relaxing experience for me, and I love rearranging a design over and over again until it is something that I can be proud of. Although I like the mechanical Legos such as axles and gears, what I enjoy the most are the simple, classic bricks. It is amazing what can be created just with simple bricks. Sure all of the wacky pieces are fun and pretty, but bricks are the true Legos.

The new line of Legos have very much disappointed me. The emphasis is no longer creativity, but on silly market ploys like Harry Potter and soccer. But what is the worst is the plastic junk Lego has created. They are no longer really Legos but action figures with silly cg movies and video games that go along with them. Where is the creativity in creating and playing with something that has already been made for you? I think this is why Lego has been doing poorly and had to close production in the USlame.jpg

Lego ChaosBut very much like how Buddhist monks destroy their sand mandalas when completed, I too have to destroy my creations in order to build something new. The process of destroying something you spent a lot of time on can be painful, but there is much joy in creating something entirely new out of its death.