Blogging about Blogging about Blogging about …

August 14, 2008

Blogging is an interesting thing.  People are in fact so interestesd in it that they start blogging about blogging.  And then that’s interesting too so they blog about how they always blog about blogging.  It’s a curious effect that people blog about it, and thus by blogging it, they create blogging about blogging about blogging about blogging.  This leads to a cataclysmic cascade of recursive blogging, which thus leads further to me blogging about blogging recursively.  It leads me to recursively blog about blogging recursively and thus recursively^n blogging about blogging.  Just accept it, you’re stuck in a real nasty infinite loop.  You should just accept it, but for more information see Blogging about Blogging about Blogging about …


Searching for God in all the wrong places

August 14, 2008

During my long blogging absence, I went on a spiritual journey on the internet searching for God.

On the first step of my journey I used Wikipedia, my usual starting point for internet research. I learned that g.o.d. is actually a now defunct Korean boy band made up of 5 people. Strange, I hadn’t known that until the internet told me so.

I then went to DomainTools to try to find out whois god. Apparently God was created 1994-07-13 and will expire 2014-07-12. That is sad, but at least we now know when the world was started and when it will end. I also found out that God is Canadian, living in Vancouver. I would have thought he lived in Korea, but I suppose God does have the power to live in two places at once.

Wow, I had already learned a lot of new things about God, but I needed more; I wanted to actually see god. So I went to God on flicker and found a lot of strange and disturbing pictures that I dare not talk about. There are just somethings we humans were not meant to see.

Lastly, I wanted to know how many followers God has, so I went to Google Trends. Many people worship god, but britney is a close contender having surpassed god on multiple occasions:

God V Britney

However there is one more deity that is more popular than god and britney combined and then tripled!


Conclusion: porn is the most powerful deity

Need I explain?

February 1, 2008

AllyIt seems like a lot of people don’t understand the first comic in Ally the WebComic. Fine, I’ll explain it for you. Although it seems like nonsense to say that your favorite noise is blue, it makes perfect sense to Ally because different types of noise are classified by color. I could explain some other things in the comics, but I leave it up to the reader to figure it out.

Also I’ve noticed that some people miss the navigation menu I have. I should make some nice graphics for those some day. I’m now using FeedBurner so that I can have some fun stats to play with. There is also an email subscription that I’ve put up on the site thanks to FeedBurner. Anyway thanks to those who are reading my strange creation.

Introducing Ally the WebComic

January 29, 2008

AllyMy winter break was very long and I eventually went crazy and started talking to my lego friends. They told me that making a webcomic starring them would be a great idea since I can’t draw but I can use Photoshop. So I did some fun PHP programing, taught myself how to make a RSS feed (easy), took pictures of my lego friends, did some brainstorming, and spent a lot of time Photoshoping. And thus Ally the WebComic was born!

How wise are online communities?

January 10, 2007


Digg Comment

In JR Minkel’s post in Scientific American‘s blog, Most Hated Digg Comment Proves (Part of) Jaron Lanier’s Point about the Cracked Wisdom of Crowds, he discusses a recent incident on digg where a user’s comment was buried because it looked like spam. Read Chandler Kent’s post, What Happens When You Spam Digg? Updated 14x, for his experience of how horrendously digg users responded to his comment. Minkel goes on to relate this to the idea that online users increasingly believe that the collective is always wiser than the individual. Communities are now an essential part of the web, can they ever be more than just mobs?

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Wayback Machine is way under appreciated

January 8, 2007

Wayback MachinePerhaps it is just my imagination, but the Wayback Machine gets much less publicity than it deserves. It is a one of a kind tool that no one else can offer: a freely accessible archive of most websites since 1996. Records of almost every website are kept, a huge amount of data. The Wayback Machine is a service run by the Internet Archive, a non-profit organization. It is amazing to see websites a decade ago and marvel at what has changed (and hasn’t). For example look at this post in Slashdot in 1998. The Wayback Machine is very useful for web designers who can directly see how the design of past sites have changed over the years, such as how yahoo’s homepage evolved to what it is now.

Internet ArchiveThere are however major problems with the Wayback Machine. Pages are slow, many images are missing, and sometimes entire entries are broken. Also many pages were never crawled because it was blocked by the site as specified in robots.txt. Obviously most scripts won’t work (you can’t go to amazon in 1998 and buy some books for your past self). Very strange things happen sometimes such as a mishmash of things from the past and present on the same page.

Although there are serious flaws, the Wayback Machine is an invaluable tool for geeks, web designers, and historians alike. I wonder why don’t more people use it.

Here are a couple interesting sites from the past:

I heart Wikipedia

November 22, 2006

Wikipedia LogoI know that it is somewhat of a cliche now, but I love Wikipedia. It is just so good; I can’t get over it. I get so angry whenever someone badmouths Wikipedia, saying that it is unreliable and unciteable. On the Internet, except for specialized libraries of scholarly articles, Wikipedia is the most reliable and has the most relevant information. Although it has a lot of pointless and poorly written articles, other articles more than make up for it. I can spend many hours just surfing around finding very interesting things and never getting bored.

I remember first going to wikipedia in fall 2004 and looking at Killdozer because my friends were talking about it. Editing articles isn’t my thing, I prefer to just browse, but I still have my account I made back then (it is over two years old). Here are some of my favorite articles:

Sorting_algorithm – Informative collection of sorting algorithms.
Monty_Python – More on Monty Python than you ever wanted to know.
Mike_the_headless_chicken – Self explanatory.
Sun – Very informative and great pictures.
List_of_tallest_buildings_in_the_world – Cool tall buildings.

These have some cool pictures of Lasers: