Searching for God in all the wrong places

During my long blogging absence, I went on a spiritual journey on the internet searching for God.

On the first step of my journey I used Wikipedia, my usual starting point for internet research. I learned that g.o.d. is actually a now defunct Korean boy band made up of 5 people. Strange, I hadn’t known that until the internet told me so.

I then went to DomainTools to try to find out whois god. Apparently God was created 1994-07-13 and will expire 2014-07-12. That is sad, but at least we now know when the world was started and when it will end. I also found out that God is Canadian, living in Vancouver. I would have thought he lived in Korea, but I suppose God does have the power to live in two places at once.

Wow, I had already learned a lot of new things about God, but I needed more; I wanted to actually see god. So I went to God on flicker and found a lot of strange and disturbing pictures that I dare not talk about. There are just somethings we humans were not meant to see.

Lastly, I wanted to know how many followers God has, so I went to Google Trends. Many people worship god, but britney is a close contender having surpassed god on multiple occasions:

God V Britney

However there is one more deity that is more popular than god and britney combined and then tripled!


Conclusion: porn is the most powerful deity


3 Responses to Searching for God in all the wrong places

  1. Clem says:

    Very enlightening!
    You’re funny. I guess I’ll bookmark your blog.

  2. Jeffrey Fenster says:

    Joe just because you enjoy porn more than god does not mean you can speak for the rest of us.

  3. Sarah Barbee says:

    Ok, this is awesome! Too funny! I’ll have to add a link to it on one of my recent posts “Can you really “like” God”

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