I am a lazy Nerd

Close up of 9thYes I know, I haven’t posted on the Crazy Cornellian in a long time and I missed two updates on my webcomic last week. Lazy is me. But do not despair, I think I am back on track. And by the way, the comic today is quite nerdy and would require knowledge of Big O Notation and Graham’s number. So in compensation to you, the reader, here is a nice close up of 9th. Stare into its evil-doing eyes of doom!


2 Responses to I am a lazy Nerd

  1. kramtark says:

    Today’s (March 7) comic is the best!

  2. withoutGuidance says:

    As a loyal follower of Ally the Webcomic since its inception, I can only touch on the heart wrenching, fruitless anxiety I experience as I check the site every few minutes, only to discover that there is yet again, no new update.

    I am greatly saddened…

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