Introducing Ally the WebComic

AllyMy winter break was very long and I eventually went crazy and started talking to my lego friends. They told me that making a webcomic starring them would be a great idea since I can’t draw but I can use Photoshop. So I did some fun PHP programing, taught myself how to make a RSS feed (easy), took pictures of my lego friends, did some brainstorming, and spent a lot of time Photoshoping. And thus Ally the WebComic was born!


7 Responses to Introducing Ally the WebComic

  1. Adam says:

    It’s always good to witness the birth of another webcomic… congratulations.

  2. Hey! I caught the LEGO webcomic link in my Google Alerts. Congratulations on the new comic. I always like to see another LEGO daily out there. I’ve had my own Adventures of the S-Team ( running for almost two years now. :)


  3. crazyjoe says:

    Oh cool thanks for telling me about it. But now I feel really unoriginal : (

  4. Awww…don’t feel bad! Irregular Webcomic and LegoStar Galactica have us both WAY beat. Anyway – today’s strip made me laugh. Great giant white board of doom. Heh heh heh!


  5. girdog says:

    I like the name of your comic the best…

  6. Em says:

    *cough* as the above poster made clear, I think your comic title, and especially the name in the Valentine’s day one is a bit…. dangerous? >_>)

    Hmmm, the Pi thing reminds me of this episode of Angel with that girl who was running away and she was sitting on a bench at the train station rambling off numbers, and then turned and explained to a hobo who was giving her weird looks that she calculates Pi when she’s nervous.

    ah, and there I am at the end. Cool comic! One day you may even rank up there with xkcd. Except with legos. =P

  7. Clem says:

    you made me laugh. Keep them coming!

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