On Hiatus

Clock TowerJust a quick blerb: I got into the Cornell Student Blogging Project! This means that this blog will be neglected and will degrade, but I will still have random fun stuff that I will post every now and then. I knew I got in for a while now but today the new blog went up and have been fooling around with images, themes, ect. I will release the link once it launches in about late August or so. (If you are really tricky you could guess what my URL is, it isn’t surprising hah).

In other news, I made a cool lego creation during my break. I also put up little video of it on Google Video. It was my first time uploading a video for public viewing and it was rather easy but I was disappointed by the poor video quality. I will post something more about it later.

5 Responses to On Hiatus

  1. girdog says:

    I am going to miss reading this blog….but I am definitely going to be reading the Crazy Cornellian….
    I hope you post on this once in a while …..

  2. Immehygierm says:

    Planning on vacation alavailable? I bet no Mexico new zealand urban area for you? lol trust that Swine flu compel be as a remainder gladly!

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  4. xdolbix says:

    Пустая телега сильно гремит) осилил но о чем вообще?

  5. smowbamSwossy says:

    He put his eye to the hole. He just managed to spy some people sitting in deckchairs chanting, before a finger came out of nowhere and poked him in the eye. As he staggered back, the people started chanting, “Fourteen, fourteen, fourteen…”

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