Donlon Spring 2007 Hike in Treman Park

Trees in Treman Park

I get a lot of emails at Cornell that I hardly ever bother to read. There are a lot of cool events going on all the time, but I very rarely ever go to one. But for this event someone personally asked me to go. I could not think of anything better to do that day other than work so I thought “Why not?” and decided to go.

The hike was in Robert H. Treman State Park, which is right near the better known Buttermilk Falls. It was a beautiful Hike and although I took some pictures that you can see in my Treman Park Photo Set, I couldn’t capture the scene very well. The sounds, the sunlight, the wind, and the atmosphere are all too difficult to describe, one has to actually experience it to properly understand. If you are curious about the area I suggest you also look at other people’s pictures of it on Flickr.

The Hike was for only my dorm, Mary Donlon, and best of all completely free. There were about fifteen people that went, most of who I did not know. After the Hike we had a nice barbecue (free of course) and hung out. I realized that there are a lot of cool and interesting people in my dorm that I haven’t even met; Mary Donlon does house near 500 students, it’s near impossible to know everyone. I really should have gone a trip like this earlier in the school year, but oh well, I still have plenty of time left in my college career to meet new people.

Lucifer Falls

Up We Go

One Response to Donlon Spring 2007 Hike in Treman Park

  1. Emily says:

    Hey, do I see a Jonah in a CRP shirt? I think I do! :P Where are you in this picture?

    Me and Jonah did this hike later in the summer, but the trail we followed going back fizzled out and turned into someones driveway! And then there was a wolf! And it tried to lick our faces! And the owner was like a mile away! And I was like, “So, your dog is part wolf?” and he was like, “Um… well… probably… >_>” and I was thinking “BS, this is a pure wolf if I’ve ever seen one!”

    But it was fun. I like people who illegally keep wild animals and convince people they’re domestic =P

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