New Flickr Pro Account

April 1, 2007

McGraw TowerI got a nice digital camera in the fall and since then I have taken many pictures, mostly around Cornell.  There is almost always something strange going on around campus so I thought it prudent to start carrying around my camera everywhere.  At first I was often reluctant to take pictures as it would make people look at me and think, “Who is that weirdo taking bizarre pictures?”  and sometimes people will wait for me to take a picture as if my picture taking is of extreme importance.  But now I do not mind as much since many of my pictures were well worth the awkwardness endured.  

I got a free flickr account to as to share my photos with the world, but a free flickr account will allow you to put up only so many pictures, so recently I sprung for the $25 to get a flickr pro account.   I now have almost all of my photos up (the decent ones at least).  There are also some pictures of my Lego creations up there.  Please check out my pictures; I think some of them are actually quite good for an armature like myself.  Oh, and if you also have a flickr account feel free to add me to your contacts.  Tons of IceFire!You can find my flickr photos here.