Snow Came

February 15, 2007

Skiing to Class The snow did come. I woke up to about one foot of snow and the snow would continue for 10 more hours. Getting to class wasn’t actually that difficult; main paths were mostly cleared and the snow made it feel warmer than single digit temperatures. This was this first day I have had to wear my boots so far at Cornell; if I hadn’t, my feet would have gotten very wet and then frozen off. A surprisingly large number of people skied to class and managed it well.

Small PlowMy classes in the morning were at about 80% the usual attendance and things were going according to schedule when at 12:15 I was walking through Duffield and heard that the University was going to close soon. This gave me an excellent opportunity to go and take lots of pictures. I have them up on my flickr account and I plan to take more today. Overall, I was little affected by the snow. Roads and Paths were well maintained and the large dinning halls stayed open. Read more about it on the Chronicle Online. A fellow freshman Matt Hintsa also has some good photos of the snow yesterday.


Snow is Coming

February 13, 2007

Finaly looks like the first snow storm is on its way. I got an email through Cornell about the coming storm titled, “City of Ithaca Snow Emergency”

“In anticipation of a heavy snowfall as predicted by the National Weather Service, Mayor Carolyn K. Peterson declared a snow emergency effective 5:00 pm on Tuesday, February 13, 2007 that will remain in effect until further notice.”

Snow is Coming

According to National Weather Service, tonight there will be 8-12 inches of snow, tomorrow there will be 12-16 inches, and on Wednesday, 4-6. All with temp lows in the single digits. It looks like I am in for a lot of fun and torment especially since tomorrow I have 6 classes to attend. I will post updates later, but until then you can enjoy the view from my room right now.