First day of classes, first day of woes

View from Thurston Ave BridgeToday I had my first day of spring semester classes at Cornell.  Things didn’t go as nicely as I wanted to, but everything worked out fine in the end.  So I woke up early, ready and rearing to go.  Took a shower, eat breakfast, and had plenty of time to spare.  My first class of the day was physics and I was all excited to go to my first ever physics course at Cornell.  I was sitting in the classroom for a while until I realized that I was in the wrong room.  So I fretted and fretted, went to the department office, asked if they knew where my class was but I was told it was where I just was.  I am horrible at dealing with simple problems like these, I get way too worked up about it and end up missing the simple solution.  Later I emailed my prof and asked where the class was and got a response in only a couple of hours.  Turns out that the class was right across the hallway, if only I were calmer and more observant I might have noticed.

View from BakerI also purchased all of my textbooks today.  Tip to the wise: don’t buy all of you textbooks at once like I did, snow + cold + 50 lbs of books + ½ mile walk = death.  Wow, textbooks are expensive.  Everyone knows this and I bought textbooks last semester, but still wow! I am taking five pretty technical courses with big textbooks so I spent over $550.  One good thing about the Cornell bookstore is that returning textbooks in the first week of classes is very easy.  I plan to return a couple.  Some professors will tell you if  the textbook is important or not and students who have already taken your courses can tell you if they used their textbook much.  Also, I will check online to see if I can get a better deal on anything.

In unrelated woes, my computer is all hosed up and my USB drive hid itself somewhere.  Right now I am in the Dixon computer lab.  Good things about this lab:  open 24 hours, has Photoshop and MATLAB, unmetered bandwidth, rarely crowded.  Bad things: no Firefox, Photoshop doesn’t feel like running, no windows to the outside world.

On the upside of things, all of my classes seem to be very interesting and educational, it isn’t that cold right now (a little below freezing), and it is flurrying enough to make everything pretty.  Also, I have all of my essential files backed up so my computer crash isn’t that bad.  It’s a rough start, but I think it can turn out to be a great semester for me.

One Response to First day of classes, first day of woes

  1. blind says:

    for lab computers without firefox, installing it as a portable app on a USB drive comes in very handy. You could even just download it and run it without installing anything.

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