New Lego Tower

My Lego TowerYesterday, while I was brooding over how my break is almost over, I realized that I neglected to play with my legos. Luckily I avoided disaster and managed to get some quality time in with them. Here are some facts about the new lego tower I built:

  • 11 feet tall, freestanding
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • 8 hours to build

Since it is so tall, I now have to write a lot about it to fill up all the extra space the picture created on this page. I’ve made many lego towers many times before; they are my favorite type of structure to build. It is very fun to to see how high I can build, constantly redesigning and trying new ideas to get a little higher. For this tower I tried to keep the design as simple and strong as possible. This is a cross section of it:

Cross Section

Above and below this layer would be identical layers, but rotated 90°. Doing this creates very solid connections between layers. This pattern of alternating identical layers continues for the entire length of the tower. Uniformity is important since the tower is only as strong as its weakest part. To make construction and assembly easier I split the tower up into sections, each section being a different width.

Lego Tower taken apart

I enjoyed working on it especially since I could sit on my couch, drink soda, and watch anime at the same time. Through my intense research and experimentation I have discovered that:

Total Awesomeness = Legos + Anime + Soda

This is definitely true, I double and triple checked my calculations. Looks like I still have some more blank space. I will just fill it up with nonsense so that is cool, yes very. And then this crazy thing happened and it was terrible, I hope everything is okay I really do. Things happen, yes oh yes they do and that is alright and all but it bores me horribly. Then I went to the store and bought some crackers, but it was so ridiculous and made me angry. Oh so ANGRY!

Is that enough? Okay, good.

4 Responses to New Lego Tower

  1. kramtark says:


  2. Daniel says:


    Believe it or not, you’re the only published account I can find of a FREESTANDING LEGO brick tower out on the net, making you (in my book) the current record holder until otherwise proven not to be. You may have recently seen the attempt in Vienna which topped out at an amazing 29.48m, however in order to stand in the wind it had to be supported by tension wires. Of course, while this would still be the tallest LEGO brick tower, it is by no means the tallest FREESTANDING LEGO brick tower – as many in the blogosphere have pointed out.

    Anyhow – I’d like to get a competition going to further the state of the tallest FREESTANDING LEGO brick tower…and I’ve started an effort over at Here’s a link to the post..

    I’ve referenced your 11ft tower as the tallest ‘on record’ per Google searches on the topic. I personally am set on beating your ‘record’ and have invited others to do so as well. I also invite you to build some more and push the record even higher :)

    So please, come post on instructables and join the challenge!!

  3. Thanks for putting this together – that is a great post for those of us with our heads buried from the keyboard all day.

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