I watch too much anime

BelldandyAnime is an amazing type of media. It is hard to generalize; there are thousands of unique series that can’t be compared to any other and shows range from Sci-Fi space operas to absurdest comedies and school life romances. Of course there are a lot of bland shows that are just run of the mill or worse, but if you dig deep enough you can discover a treasure trove of great shows. To find good anime to watch, I like to surf at AnimeNfo, which has a lot of great user reviews on anime. Wikipedia has some good articles on on anime shows. Also, it is fun to aimlessly browse random forums, read what other people think, and get into all of the anime jargon.

So why anime? Anime is a unique form of media. It combines artistic drawings, animation, great voice actors (Seiyū), and a story usually from a Manga , a type of comic Since this not live action, a viewer can easily be drawn into a new reality with its own rules. Even the most surreal and imaginary worlds can become very real to the viewer. This makes anime great for escapism.  Watching a good anime is much like reading a good book; you can get drawn in and towards the end start wishing there was more.

CJASDuring my first Semester at Cornell, I had surprisingly little work especially since I did no extra curricular activities except for the Cornell Japanese Animation Society (CJAS). The main event of the club is a showing of four hours of anime every week in an auditorium. It’s fun to talk and share ideas with people who also enjoy anime. For the last showing of the semester on December 2nd there was a 12 hour marathon. Yes, I was there for the entire time. Yes, I was sitting in the front row. And yes, afterwards I watched more anime by myself. Perhaps I am a little too obsessed?

So with all of my free time, and my large cache of anime (see below, where did all my space go I wonder?), I watched a lot. Here I have compiled a table of anime in no particular order that I have watched during my time at Cornell. Most episodes are 20 minutes each since I usually skip the openings and beginnings of shows. Most movies were 1 hour 40 minutes. (2nd) means that is was my second time watching it. In total I watched for 170 hours, given that I was at Cornell for about 115 days this means I watched on average about 1.5 hours every day.

My Hard Drives


Series Episodes Watched
Scrapped Princess 24
Gankutsuou 12
Full Metal Alchemist (2nd) 25
Revolutionary Girl Utena 23
Great Teacher Onizuka 9
Ghost in the Shell (2nd) 11
Bleach 10
I My Me Strawberry Egg 13
Haibane Renmei 13
Prince of Tennis 30
RahXephon 6
Onegai Teacher 13
Paradise Kiss 12
Those Who Hunt Elves 24
Last Exile 14
Martian Successor Nadesico 10
Excel Saga 26
Beserk 25
Excel Saga 26
Aa! Megami-sama 5 (30min each)
Gunbuster 6
Black Heaven 13
Death Note 10
Vision of Escaflowne 26
Noir 26
Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien 13
Kare Kano 26
Golden Boy 6
Infinte Ryvius 10
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 14
Ima, Sokoni Iru Boku 3

Now for the movies:

Laputa: Castle in the Sky (2nd)
They Were 11
Jin-Roh Wolf’s Brigade
Grave of the Fireflies
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Lupin III – Castle of Cagliostro
Ninja Scroll
Conqueror of Shambala

Some of the shows I enjoyed the most were Paradise Kiss, Berserk, and Aa! Megami-sama (pictured on top). Sorry, I would like to talk more about this but I need to go right now and watch more anime.

13 Responses to I watch too much anime

  1. kramtark says:

    HAH!!! I’ve watched more Prince of Tennis than you!! Hahaha……..

    Speaking of which, I played tennis yesterday.

  2. crazyjoe says:

    The Prince of Tennis is so repetitive. Every time the protagonist faces a harder opponent he simply comes up with a new technique. Also, the side characters are boring. Now I am watching a Boxing anime (Hajime no Ippo ) instead.

  3. kramtark says:

    It’s not always like that. In episode 37, for example, Ryoma has to defeat 30 opponents to get a tennis ball back for the girl who really likes him. He doesn’t use any new moves. And then what’s-his-face-who-gathers-data-all-the-time finds all 30 of those people completely exhausted and thinks that it’s because they’ve been training really hard……. yeah, it’s so good.

  4. Montoya says:

    Have you seen Galaxy Express yet? Or the Sonic X series? They’re my favorites.

  5. crazyjoe says:

    I saw part of one dubbed Sonic X episode and it didn’t really appeal to me, although I liked sega Soinic games. I haven’t heard of Galaxy Express before, doesn’t seem to be much talk about it online.

  6. kramtark says:

    Over winter break, I watched the rest of POT! Earlier today (yesterday), I watched the championship matches! All that’s left is the POT movie and possibly the live action movie, too…

  7. crazyjoe says:

    Wow, that is a lot of tennis anime, about 60 hours. I will tally up what I have seen over break soon and figure out how much I have seen. There were three shows I really liked: Welecome to the NHK!, The Tweleve Kingdoms, and Planetes. I’ve also been watching a lot of 80’s anime.

  8. Calisca says:

    I’ve watched at the very least 10 times more than you. So compared to me you don’t watch much, and besides it’s only a hobby to make time go …. I do other things too ^^
    Maybe watched for a year … ? I don’t reaaally know, I don’t feel the flow of time.

  9. yippyyo says:

    thats a lot of anime but at the same time its not nearly enough! And only 10 episodes of Bleach!!!!!!!1 You sicken me…….

  10. Mandark says:

    This site should be included in animestream.org

  11. Sinus says:

    Shame you hadn’t watched Elfen Lied and Kino’s Journey……….They are one of the best

  12. Poyaks says:

    I have noticed you only have Bleach on your list from the leading animes today. Try watching Naruto Shipuudden and One Piece! It will surely get you hooked! Addicted even! Here’s a link http://nwanime.com/

  13. Evilsbane says:

    I know how that feels….. In my entire lifetime I have watched 160 anime’s give or take a few. I was bored So I wrote all of them down. Plus how I felt about each series and how much of the series I had watched….. I am super depressed now. LOLS

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