I heart Wikipedia

Wikipedia LogoI know that it is somewhat of a cliche now, but I love Wikipedia. It is just so good; I can’t get over it. I get so angry whenever someone badmouths Wikipedia, saying that it is unreliable and unciteable. On the Internet, except for specialized libraries of scholarly articles, Wikipedia is the most reliable and has the most relevant information. Although it has a lot of pointless and poorly written articles, other articles more than make up for it. I can spend many hours just surfing around finding very interesting things and never getting bored.

I remember first going to wikipedia in fall 2004 and looking at Killdozer because my friends were talking about it. Editing articles isn’t my thing, I prefer to just browse, but I still have my account I made back then (it is over two years old). Here are some of my favorite articles:

Sorting_algorithm – Informative collection of sorting algorithms.
Monty_Python – More on Monty Python than you ever wanted to know.
Mike_the_headless_chicken – Self explanatory.
Sun – Very informative and great pictures.
List_of_tallest_buildings_in_the_world – Cool tall buildings.

These have some cool pictures of Lasers:

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