Yay! Snow

Yay! SnowToday it snowed at Cornell. Yay! Snow. Or at least I hope so. Today it was really just flurries and then turned into sleet. At times when it was windy, your face could sting. Any accumulation was gone in a couple hours, but it was fun while it lasted.

My fellow freshman and I agree that snow is cool, at least for now. Many think that we will all end up hating snow, but I hope not. I enjoy building giant snow structures, and snow actually makes me feel warmer in the winter; it is good insulation. I don’t want to end up all old and cranky, blaming the snow for all of my problems. “What? Snow? Now I have to be slightly cold. Damn the world!” I will admit though that snow causes huge problems for people with long commutes, but I personally will not be adversely affected much by snow. Hopefully I won’t have to take back what I just said.

Snow Umbrella

One Response to Yay! Snow

  1. Montoya says:

    Your future opinion of snow will depend upon the ratio of playing in it to walking through it. If I had time for snowball fights and sledding down Libe Slope, I would probably like it.

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