How RPG’s can destroy lives

I think Role Playing Games are the worst possible type of game. Good RPG’s trick you into believing that you are making progress in your life and that you are going somewhere when in fact it obviates your life. “Leveling Up” does create some amount of satisfaction, but this only draws a person closer to the game. And as you get a higher level, it is increasingly hard to improve your stats. Then the real world loses its value as you think to yourself while sleeping, “This is such a waste of time, I could be leveling up now. If only I could advance my sleeping level. Oh well.” Sooner or later you find yourself hating playing the game, yet feel compelled to play in order to get ahead of other players and gain a new completely useless item. This may be why Elder Scrolls IV is named Oblivion. What is more sick is that this is nothing compared to Massively-Multiplayer Online RPG’s (MMORGP). Luckily I have had only once had an MMORGP addiction, and I am now over that (I hope). Oblivion
College Student wasting his life away. Note carefully how there is food is on the desk so the player does not die while playing.

4 Responses to How RPG’s can destroy lives

  1. Al says:

    Hey Crazy Joe- when you next see this college student pictured above, can you tell him that girdog says “hi”.

    Thanks, Al

  2. greg says:

    My sleep level is at 56. And that’s after 15 power naps and defeating a level 9 homework and level 2 coffee.

  3. College Student is also breaking his back by playing RPG. Notice the unnatural curve in his back that is straining the intervertebral disks, especially those in the lumbar region.

    Why is College Student playing that lame RPG rather than CrazyJoe Website?

  4. Emily says:

    Hmm… this college student looks vaguely familiar… I wonder if that is who I think that is….

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