Totally Tubular Tuesdays


On Tuesdays I have 5 hours and 20 minutes of class. I estimate I walk about 3.5 miles around campus and keep in mind that the terrain is not all flat. Attached is an image of my route for you to better understand. Although it is a lot of walking, it isn’t so bad (yet) because it is a nice break between classes and I could use the exercise. Also, it is interesting to witness the mass movements of students traveling to classes like cattle being herded around. maproute.jpg


2 Responses to Totally Tubular Tuesdays

  1. kramtark says:

    That is a very long day. Even on Wednesdays, I have only about 3 hours 20 minutes of class.

  2. iamwhie says:

    at least you get a lunch break between classes. on mondays and wednesdays i don’t even get that

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