I love my Alligator

September 22, 2006

Alligator DesignOh how I love my Alligator. I bring him everywhere with me and he is always there when I need him. My Alligator is made up of three separate Lego pieces. The top mouth is serial #6027, the body is #6026, and the tail is #6028. It is such a beautiful shade of green, and the mixture of functionality and aesthetics is amazing. Actually there are two of them, but I usually separate them. When they are together, they won’t stop talking to each other and they simple ignore me. It really does offend me so I locked one up inside my computer and now the other is very friendly with me.

Favorite Alligator Quote: “Is it a stuffed alligator? Only when he overeats. He is greedy.” ~ R.A.H

Alligator at Lunch Alligator Satisfied

How RPG’s can destroy lives

September 20, 2006
I think Role Playing Games are the worst possible type of game. Good RPG’s trick you into believing that you are making progress in your life and that you are going somewhere when in fact it obviates your life. “Leveling Up” does create some amount of satisfaction, but this only draws a person closer to the game. And as you get a higher level, it is increasingly hard to improve your stats. Then the real world loses its value as you think to yourself while sleeping, “This is such a waste of time, I could be leveling up now. If only I could advance my sleeping level. Oh well.” Sooner or later you find yourself hating playing the game, yet feel compelled to play in order to get ahead of other players and gain a new completely useless item. This may be why Elder Scrolls IV is named Oblivion. What is more sick is that this is nothing compared to Massively-Multiplayer Online RPG’s (MMORGP). Luckily I have had only once had an MMORGP addiction, and I am now over that (I hope). Oblivion
College Student wasting his life away. Note carefully how there is food is on the desk so the player does not die while playing.

The 9th Anniversary of my 10th Birthday

September 15, 2006

So today, 9 years ago I turned 10 years old. It was quite a day and I got an awesome birthday card for reaching double digits in my age. To commemorate that day I have made a list of amazing things I have done in the last 9 years.

  • I put 10 tootsie rolls in my mouth and eat them all without my hands.
  • I watched 43 episodes (13.333 hours) of anime in a single day.
  • My friend and I won first place in the state Science Olympiad in Mystery Archatecture.
  • I drank a 2 liter of coca cola in one sitting and then drank more later that day.
  • I discovered how to avoid the heat-death of the universe.
  • I bowled a gutter-ball, then a spare.
  • I once ordered a sandwich all by myself (although never again).
  • I whistled so high pitch that people thought the smoke detector went off.
  • I built an igloo large enough to stand in.

Totally Tubular Tuesdays

September 12, 2006


On Tuesdays I have 5 hours and 20 minutes of class. I estimate I walk about 3.5 miles around campus and keep in mind that the terrain is not all flat. Attached is an image of my route for you to better understand. Although it is a lot of walking, it isn’t so bad (yet) because it is a nice break between classes and I could use the exercise. Also, it is interesting to witness the mass movements of students traveling to classes like cattle being herded around. maproute.jpg

I love Legos

September 11, 2006

070x070_logo.gifI love Legos. I just do. Working with Legos, I can be both an engineer and an artist. Some of my projects have included, Lego Crossbow, Lego Boat, Lego Tower, Lego Archbridge, and Lego Computer. Although my Lego Computer seems to impress a lot of people, I like my Archbridge the best. I made it entirely out of 2X1 and 3X1 bricks, and I love the simplicity of design that I used.

Lego Computer

Playing with Legos is a very relaxing experience for me, and I love rearranging a design over and over again until it is something that I can be proud of. Although I like the mechanical Legos such as axles and gears, what I enjoy the most are the simple, classic bricks. It is amazing what can be created just with simple bricks. Sure all of the wacky pieces are fun and pretty, but bricks are the true Legos.

The new line of Legos have very much disappointed me. The emphasis is no longer creativity, but on silly market ploys like Harry Potter and soccer. But what is the worst is the plastic junk Lego has created. They are no longer really Legos but action figures with silly cg movies and video games that go along with them. Where is the creativity in creating and playing with something that has already been made for you? I think this is why Lego has been doing poorly and had to close production in the USlame.jpg

Lego ChaosBut very much like how Buddhist monks destroy their sand mandalas when completed, I too have to destroy my creations in order to build something new. The process of destroying something you spent a lot of time on can be painful, but there is much joy in creating something entirely new out of its death.

Hello World!

September 2, 2006

Hmmm… So why did I make a blog? I am not sure. I suppose I just wanted to feel special and think that there were people who were interested in what I had to say about things. But by trying to be special I am now just like every other lame blog that is out there. “I am so depressed. Someone please love me and acknowledge my existence.”

So Yeah, that is why I made a blog…